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Feeding Crufts BIS Winners ‘10, ‘11 & RBIS ‘14

Premium quality, affordable foods......naturally nutritious

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The greatest challenge you face as a dog owner is ensuring your dog’s diet is nutritious and healthy as well as delicious.  Breeders and exhibitors are much more aware of the way complete dog food is manufactured as well as the necessity of producing and keeping dogs in optimum condition.

Challenge dog food is a result of years of working with dogs and understanding their nutritional needs - whether they are show dogs, working dogs, valuable brood bitches or best friends

Our Gluten, Soya and Dairy free products ‘fresh salmon based’ premium complete foods continue to please our customers with the results they are producing.

Challenge foods contain no genetically modified ingredients.

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Sea Treats - our sister company for natural Fish Based Dog Treats. The Worlds First Marine Stewardship Council ‘MSC’ Certified Dog treats!


“MILLPOINT FORMULA ONE JW and friends - Hamilton is fed exclusively on you Challenge ......After tummy trouble (loose stools) with my boy for nearly all his life ...He now is well and I wouldn't feed him on anything else ...”

“He won his JW before 12 months of age! He is a family dog not just a show dog as all of our are here at Millpoint ........a singleton pup that we all adore .....he has never looked so good. Thank you Challenge and Sea treats !!”